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A site dedicated to hosting web applications to aid forensic anthropology analysis.

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The McKern and Stewart (1957) Pubic Symphysis (MSPS) application provides three-dimensional models of the original casts, as well as data and descriptions from the original publication to aid with age estimation when physical casts are not available.


The eFourieR application permits outline shape analysis from images or coordinates using elliptical Fourier analysis. Functions are largely derived from the Momocs (2014) package. Future development will include options for retaining size information, starting point, as well as analysis of multiple images and shape variation.


COMING SOON: The SkullProfileR application permits estimation of biological affinity and sex from lateral skull and cranial outlines extracted from photographs and quantified using elliptical Fourier analysis.


COMING SOON: The BoneMeans application permits analysis of three-dimensional bone surface morphology and variation.

I am a forensic anthropologist by trade, currently working as an SNA International contractor with the US Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency. I completed my PhD in 2018 at The University of Queensland, Australia, with the Laboratory for Human Craniofacial and Skeletal Identification. As a byproduct of field advancements, I also dabble in full-stack web app and R Shiny app development.

Jodi Caple

Honolulu, Hi, USA

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