Anthropology App Depot

A source of web applications to aid forensic anthropology analysis.


A R Shiny web application that provides interactive 3D meshes of the McKern and Stewart (1957) pubic symphysis casts to aid age estimation when there is no access to the original casts.
Coming soon.
A R Shiny web application that permits outline shape quantification using elliptical Fourier analysis. Includes a visualization tool for understanding EFA theory.
Coming soon.
About the Developer

Jodi Caple

I currently work as a forensic anthropologist with the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency Laboratory (contracted through SNA International). I graduated with a PhD from the University of Queensland in 2018, with a research focus on skeletal analysis, morphometrics, and computer vision. Due to continual advancements in the discipline, I also dabble in web and app development.


McKern, T.W. and T.D. Stewart (1957) Skeletal Age Changes in Young American Males. Quartermaster Research and Development Command Technical Report EP-45, Natick, MA.

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