Anthropology App Depot

A source of web applications to aid forensic anthropology analysis.


A R Shiny web application that provides interactive 3D meshes of the McKern and Stewart (1957) pubic symphysis casts to aid age estimation when there is no access to the original casts.
A R Shiny web application that permits outline shape quantification using elliptical Fourier analysis.
About the Developer

Jodi Caple

I currently work as a forensic anthropologist with the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency Laboratory (contracted through SNA International). I graduated with a PhD from the University of Queensland in 2018, with a research focus on skeletal analysis, morphometrics, and computer vision. Due to continual advancements in the discipline, I also dabble in web and app development.


McKern, T.W. and T.D. Stewart (1957) Skeletal Age Changes in Young American Males. Quartermaster Research and Development Command Technical Report EP-45, Natick, MA.

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